Final Concert: Pics and Songs

On Researchers Night, on September 28, 19h at CCCB , we celebrated the final concert of Lught on the...

ICFO and the light


The ICFO – Institute of Photonic Sciences is a research centre of excellence dedicated to the study of light science and technology.

The centre has a threefold mission: frontier research, training of technologists, and technology and knowledge transfer.

Why light?

Light is energy.

And energy is what the world needs to keep moving.

In particular, laser light – a highly manipulable energy source – has become one of the fundamental tools for scientific and technological progress in many areas.

Telecommunications and the internet, the life and health sciences, the environment and entertainment – all these areas are constantly evolving thanks to the development of new photonic technologies.

In its pursuit of research in this field, the ICFO actively collaborates with a range of research centres, universities, hospitals and many private companies worldwide.