GoPhoton! presents… the fourth edition of Light on the Waves!

En 2015, the fourth edition of Light on the Waves is part of the European project GoPhoton! in which eight European cities want to bring photonics closer to society.

This International Year of Light we propose to write a story for a picture. Choose any image of science fiction illustrator Frank R. Paul (1884-1963) and write a story or a poem which could have been illustrated by such picture. The story should talk about what you imagine we could do with light in the future.

As a reward, a group of musicians will turn your story or poem into a song.

We will print the texts, record the songs on a CD, and next September we will celebrate a great concert. Light will travel into the future having previously reflected on a cover of Amazing Stories, Science Wonder Stories, or any of the magazines that Paul illustrated back in the twenties and thirties.

Open to timeless storytellers, in highschool, professional training, and with a special category for aged more thant 18.

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