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For teachers

The objectives of the project are:

1. To promote awareness of photonics (the science of light) and stimulate interest in the subject among secondary students and teachers;

2. To encourage collaboration between scientific, literary and musical creativity;

3. To promote the participation of humanities teachers in the teaching of science.

So we encourage teachers of science, literature, languages, philosophy, history, music, art… to participate in organising the competition at their schools.

This year we’ve added a new element to the contest: one of the prizes will be reserved for the “teachers” category!

We’d like to suggest four references that we hope can be shared among the teachers involved in all the seminars – yes, including the book on conceptual physics! Have a look at the chapters on light! The book offers an introduction that’s very intuitive and accessible, with examples from everyday life.


Els altres mons de la literatura catalana – Antología de narrativa fantástica i especulativa, Víctor Martínez-Gil, Galaxia Gutemberg (2004)

Explorando el mundo, Poesía de la ciencia – Antología, ed. by Miguel García-Posada, Gadir (2006)

Conceptual Physics, Paul G. Hewitt, Pearson (2004)

Milestones in the history of science and the technology of light – Nature celebrates the 50th anniversary of the invention of the laser (link to Nature)

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